LAHORE, MARCH 15, 2015: The Ghani Welfare Foundation (GWF) is giving admission to 50 under underprivileged children at their charity school here at Shahadara.

According to GWF’s President, new batch of students will be accepted into nursery and class prep.

At present around 105 children are enrolled in nursery, prep, class 1,2 and 3. This year, class 4 will be added.

It has been learnt that new classes will start in April, 2015.


Talking to the scribe, the school administrator said, “Children enrolled at the school are given the opportunity to access free quality education, free books, free stationery and free meals.” He also urged the local community to sponsor children through GWF’s Sponsor a Dream program.

It is to be noted that Sponsor A Dream program allows donors to sponsor a child’s education only at Rs 800 per month/Rs 9600 per year. Every donor is allotted a child and is regularly updated about the allotted child’s performance through quarterly reports.

The Ghani Welfare Foundation is a non-profitable organization launched in 2011 that aims at facilitating the poor in Lahore. At the moment, GWF runs a welfare school named “Ghani Grammar School” for the education of deserving at Shahdara, Lahore.


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