LAHORE, MAY 4, 2013: The Ghani Welfare Foundation (GWF) team held a meeting at Gulberg the other day to evaluate the on-going project and to  discuss ideas for new ones.

The meeting was attended by GWF Founder Adil Rehman, President Usman Ali, Secretary General Talal Raza and Communication Officer Anam Afzal.

As per detail, the team discussed two new projects; teacher training program and micro- financing.

It has been learned that the teacher training program would be organized on priority basis. The program would focus on activity based learning, building teachers’ communication skills and improving their teaching methodologies.

According to President GWF Usman Ali, the teacher training workshop would help make learning more interesting for students and would facilitate students and teachers alike.

Talking to the scribe, Usman said, “The workshop would not be limited to the teachers from Ghani Grammar School. Teachers from other schools in the vicinity would also be invited.”

It is to be noted that Ghani Grammar School is a charity school run by The Ghani Welfare Foundation. It  has been providing free education to the underprivileged kids of Shahadrah since 2011.


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